Aloe’ve it! (Forever Living products review)

Hey Loves!

I was lucky enough to have been gifted with a hamper of Forever Living products to do a review for you beautiful people! Below is what was included in the hamper, it ranged from moisturisers, bubble bath to a face mask.


Okay so I am going to talk about the products that stood out to me and recommend the ones I now swear by!

Firstly lets talk about the Aloe Lotions/gels. My absolute favourite moisturiser in the collection is definitely the Aloe Propolis creme. It contains bee propolis and stabilised aloe vera so it has all the good stuff. It also contains vitamins A and E which our skin loves. As I have really dry skin this works perfectly as a primer especially in the autumn/winter cold season so overall I have a lot of love for this product.

My next favourite moisturiser in the collection was the Aloe moisturising lotion. This has pretty similar properties to the propolis creme but the texture of the lotion is much lighter. It contains collagen and elastin which along with the other skin loving ingredients helps to protect your skin from the effects of pollution and the environment.

Last but not least in the moisturiser section, I have to give the Aloe MSM gel a special shout out.  MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, basically like a tube full of liquid ice. The gel has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin so perfect to rub on your legs after shaving for example. The Aloe jelly is a similar gel in the kit which you can even use for mouth ulcers and the cooling effect is long lasting and quite therapeutic.

DSC_0983 (1).jpg

I am a lover of face masks so could not wait to try the Fleur de Jouvence mask that you make by mixing the mask powder with the aloe activator. The solution is like a watery paste which I then applied to my face using a clean makeup brush… less than 30 seconds after applying I felt like I was experiencing what I can only imagine botox feels like! (not as scary though) This mask really works, it is super effective but super gentle on the skin too. Purifying, cleansing and conditioning, what more could you ask for? I didn’t get round to trying this little tip but apparently it also helps to add honey which I imagine will help polish and further condition the skin.


It is very important to care for your lips, especially when it is cold and prone to cracking. The Aloe lip balm with jojoba is literally one of the most moisturising lip balms I have ever used. Rather than temporarily adding a bit of moisture like most lip balms do this really softens the lips and lasts for hours before you need to re apply. After applying my luscious lip bam my lips were ready for a little colour and the luscious lip colour by Sonia was the perfect product. This lipgloss is amazing, it is so glossy and glitzy. I am a big lip gloss person and I am also picky when it comes to how they feel and this gloss is sticky enough that it will last but not like gross sticky and I really can not get over the intensity of the colour! This isn’t the best part though… the lipgloss has a mirror and personal light! Yes it has its own personal light!!! LOVE!

Look at that shine!!!

So my final product that I want to tell you guys about is the Aloe vera sparkling tooth gel. The gel is fluoride free and contains aloe vera and bee propolis. This really works and i noticed the difference within a week, my teeth were just blinding! It is super foamy so makes brushing extra fun, tehee…

I literally found every product super effective and they all smell very natural and herbal, no Perfumes! The products mentioned above are my personal favourites that I definitely encourage you all to try out but on the whole I wasn’t disappointed with any one product in particular.

If you want to purchase any forever living products, (which I strongly advice) be sure to check out Phillipa’s blog where she talks more about these products and you can place an order with her or alternately check out the forever living website to shop online.

Thanks for reading

Zee xo


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